During this last difficult year, I’ve been involved in making a book with my first sister Nina. Working with her on the page has felt like a safe haven, a return to our childhood. We moved often with our restless and adventuresome parents, the two of us the awkward, unmoored “new girls in school.” But at the end of every day we could count on the sureness of each other, because in every house and every town, we slept in the same room in twin beds.

Putting together our book, NOW WE ARE SIXTY, has been another chance for Nina and me to spend time together, side by side. Our 112 pp. book pairs my memoir pieces with Nina’s intuitive, improvisational inks on paper, as we reflect on our history growing up in a musical family, on our long marriages and the bittersweetness of aging, on the loss of our elegant violinist mother to Alzheimer’s, and on the good luck we feel to be two of four sisters.

We are so happy to share this labor of love first with readers. NOW WE ARE SIXTY is now available for pre-order, just in time for the holidays, the new year, or anytime you need the comfort of words and art and older women. 

NOW WE ARE SIXTY can be ordered through this live link and will be shipped to you by mail, or delivered to you in person by me. For those of you who’ve followed our progress on this website, thank you! We felt your air under our wings, lifting us up up up!